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Our story

Our company’s roots are in the Burgundian region in the south of the Netherlands. Eating together is part of our cultural character, so we understand the art of hospitality. FORNO’s range of products for cooking outdoors are beautiful to look at, even when not in use. 
Within every culture, fire has meaning. In a time of increasing polarisation, it is important that we continue to meet each other. Our society is increasingly shifting towards the online world. Let us challenge each other to live in the now: cooking together, having conversations and being together. And all around the fire. 
This is how we have developed into a valued one-stop shop for the outdoor chef and retailer. We want to inspire you and help you grow by standing beside you as a partner. 
Want to know what we can do for you? Contact us and check the possibilities .

What we stand for


From concept and design, to production and delivery. We cover the entire value chain and strive to maximize value for our customers at every step.


We innovate every day to improve our products and services, and provide our customers with the best possible insights and solutions.


We believe in fostering growth, helping our employees grow professionally and enabling our partners and customers to grow their businesses.


We embrace authenticity and simplicity. This is reflected in our down-to-earth attitude and contemporary products with Dutch design.